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I help families who are in medically complicated situations find the best care for their loved ones or themselves.


Make sense of your options, create order, and reduce overwhelm with personalized guidance.


Access blueprints, worksheets, and checklists to help you navigate medical appointments and decisions.


Join a dedicated space to connect with families who understand and share your journey.

Featured on Discovery Channel's "Two in a Million"

Amy and her family's journey were highlighted on Discovery Channel's heartfelt show "Two in a Million." This program brings together individuals who share the same rare medical struggles, allowing them to meet and spend one week together.

The episode featuring Amy focused on her daughter's story, showcasing their rare disease and the unique challenges they face. It was a beautiful and poignant portrayal, highlighting the strength and resilience of families dealing with rare medical conditions. The show provided an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness about their rare disease and share their story with a broader audience.

Amy's participation in "Two in a Million" underscores her dedication to advocating for families facing similar challenges, bringing attention to the importance of understanding and supporting those with rare diseases.

It’s not your fault!

Conventional parenting tools can fall short in the medical realm. You could not have been prepared for the news you’ve received.

Stand Tall. If you are blaming yourself, please don’t. We are all ill-equipped at the beginning. So many of us have gone through this feeling, the task now is to get better equipped with each passing day. And better connected to others who can relate and can walk alongside.

Amy is the mom of a 20 and y/o medically complex child (who is a child no longer, but a warrior who has come out the other side!) Amy will help you uncover the hidden resources and strategies to get what you need (that you didn’t even know existed) from the medical system.

Like a sherpa, Amy provides Expert Navigation Through the Healthcare Maze.

“It is more important to know what kind of patient has the disease than what kind of disease the patient has”.

—Sir William Osler

Tailored Guidance for Families

My Mentoring

Make sense of your options, create order, get out of overwhelm.

In our sessions, first I listen. Each person's medical journey is different. Knowing the particulars of your story is crucial to my ability to help see a path forward.

Working with me can help you put order to the chaos. Know what to do first. Decide where the heck to turn.

Start with a free consultation. I want to understand your specific story so we can tailor a custom plan. You may choose to use my services through many stages of care, or just to get your feet on the path. Decide as you go.

Tools to Bring Clarity

Tools and worksheets to help you put the pieces together.

Working together I will provide blueprints, downloadable worksheets, checklists and cheatsheets to bring with you to medical and other appointments.

You can attend small group and one-one one coaching sessions to prepare for big events and gain solid footing on new ground.

Rare Care Hub

Find your Tribe. We provide a dedicated space for subscribers to connect, share

experiences, and seek advice from one another.

With AdvocateAngel, you'll connect with families who get it, in a space where your child's uniqueness is celebrated. It's a place to share, laugh, and find support in a community of heroes—parents just like you.

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Benefits of Subscribing to Our Coaching and Follow-up Program

  • Make connections with other you can rely on as sounding board and witness.

  • Attend customized trainings and workshops to meet your family's specific needs.

  • Reduce Stress & Confusion, increase joy. Create plans to maintain balance and noursihment through stressful times.

The main takeaways for subscribers are efficacy and clarity, peace of mind, and constantly increasing skills to meet the changing demands of complex medical situations.

By signing up for personalized recommendations from a mom who's been there, you can improve your child's outcomes by speeding the path to diagnosis, and more adeptly handling the dilemmas parents and families face in these situations.

Please let me know if you need any other benefit ideas to highlight or expand upon for the funnel.

Hear from Our Community

“Amy has gone on to help launch medical research that is relevant to parents of children who are struggling to navigate their way through the medical system.“

Melissa Tumblin

Founder, Ear Community

In this heartfelt testimonial, Leslie, mother of William, shares her experience working with Amy. Watch as she describes how Amy's bilingual support in both English and Spanish made a significant difference in navigating the medical system for her son. Leslie highlights the personalized guidance, invaluable resources, and emotional support she received, emphasizing the positive impact on her family's journey.

Amy and I both have children affected by the same rare medical condition in which we have fought alongside to make things easier for the next family in the same situation. Amy has been recruited by top focused medical teams in our rare community because of her personal expertise.

Through her work and collaboration, she has gone on to help launch medical research that is relevant to parents of children who are struggling to navigate their way through the medical system. It's incredibly important to have others ahead of you on the journey you travel, a special someone who can be there to shine a light on a rare cause and help guide the next steps for someone else. . .

Amy is an invaluable team leader who makes a difference by truly changing lives!


Melissa Tumblin

Founder Ear Community

I first met Amy back in early 2004, when I was a new nurse and she was a new medical mom...

Seeing Amy at work advocating for and caring for her daughter, was very inspiring to me. It was a big part of what made me want to foster medically fragile kids. I saw her fight for her daughter, and I wanted to be a part of that fight too.

Back in 2004, there were not many medically fragile children living at home, so Amy was one of the parents that blazed the trail for all of us who came after her. Her experience, advocacy, compassion, dedication, diligence, organization, and skill at navigating our complex medical systems, will be of immeasurable benefit to anyone who is lucky enough to have her as a part of their team.


Kerri Markley RN, BSN

Registered Nurse

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Advocating For Your Child: A Parent’s Perspective

Advocating for your child with a cleft lip/palate or craniofacial condition can be challenging, but it has a critical impact on your child’s outcomes. Our panel of parents will share their personal experiences and offer advice on what has worked and not worked when it comes to advocating for their child. In this episode, you will hear from parents who have helped their children navigate and overcome bullying, supported their children through medical procedures and surgeries, and who have fought - and succeeded - to get their children the services they need, including speech therapy, in-school nursing care, and more).

CARE in Craniofacial Microsomia

In this episode, we are joined by some of the members of the CARE project team. CARE stands for Craniofacial Microsomia: Accelerating Research and Education and is aimed at investigating the psychosocial impact and healthcare burden of Craniofacial Microsomia.

CAR's own Dr Nicola Stock (Associate Professor), Dr Alessia Johns (Paediatric Psychologist, Children's Hospital Los Angeles), Lazer Schefer (Patient advocate), and Amy Schefer (Parent advocate) join Maia to discuss this exciting project and the importance of conducting impactful research into rare conditions.


Early Experiences of Parents of Children with Craniofacial Microsomia

"I can't provide what my child needs": Early feeding experiences of caregivers of children with craniofacial microsomia

A Conceptual Thematic Framework of Psychological Adjustment in Caregivers of Children with Craniofacial Microsomia

Amy Schefer

I am a medical ninja, helping my kid through 20 years of intense medical challenges.

Mission: find and help other families get the best outcomes.

I am published in numerous medical journals and have helped numerous families along medically complex journeys, learning valuable skills and tools along the way, and preserving joy at the center.

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