Academic Year 2018-2019

Each Delegate in the Maryland General Assembly is allotted a scholarship budget to support constituents pursuing higher education. Scholarships from Delegate Angel range from $200 to $1000, with the possibility of a greater award for an applicant who demonstrates exceptional need and qualification.

To apply, submit: (a) completed application (included), (b) an official copy of your academic transcript, (c) a list of extracurricular and community service activities (a resume will also suffice), and (d) a 350-word essay describing your educational and/or career goals and how receipt of this scholarship will enable you to pursue them. Before applying, review the following information to ensure you are eligible to apply.

Application Deadline

Fall (September-December):
Deadline March 31 2018

After you have submitted your application, there is no need to contact Delegate Angela Angel’s office for an update on your application status. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your completed application and then an email by August 1, 2018 if you have been selected for a scholarship.

Selection Criteria

The selection of scholarship recipients will be made based on a holistic consideration of the following factors. We are looking to support a diverse group of students who show commitment to their future educational and professional goals and the potential to be successful in those pursuits. All students are encouraged to apply.

ACADEMIC RECORD: Academic performance during the student’s high school, college, or university matriculation will be considered. An official copy of the student’s most recent academic transcript from high school, college and/or university must be returned with the completed application.

FINANCIAL NEED: The FASFA submission allows us to take into account the student’s financial need based on the cost of attendance minus the expected family contribution.

EXTRACURRICULAR AND COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: In reviewing your list of extracurricular activities, community service involvement, and/or employment, we are looking to see involvement and commitment to pursuits outside of school. These will be strongly considered alongside your academic record.

CAREER AND/OR EDUCATIONAL GOALS: We want to understand how this scholarship will help you reach your goals. Please explain what you hope to gain from this educational pursuit and how it relates to any career plans you may have.

Eligibility Criteria

LIVE IN THE 25th DISTRICT: Visit to ensure that you live in District 25. 
SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING APPLICATION AND REQUESTED MATERIALS: The application and accompanying materials must be postmarked by the deadline. All materials should be mailed together. Completed application and additional materials can be emailed directly to by the deadline. We will not consider an incomplete or late application.

COMPLETE AND FILE THE FAFSA: This form is required by many schools and scholarships to demonstrate financial need. If you have not already submitted your FAFSA, you can do so at The FAFSA should be filed no later than March 1, 2018 to ensure that we receive the applicant’s financial aid information in a timely manner.

PLAN TO ATTEND A MARYLAND SCHOOL: The applicant must attend a college, university, or private career school in the State of Maryland. The private career school must be accredited and have the approval of the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Applicants may be eligible for scholarship assistance to attend out-of-state institutions only if they are enrolling in an academic program that is not offered in Maryland. For further information, contact Stephanie Southerland, Program Administrator-Office of Student Financial Assistance at the Maryland Higher Education Commission, 6 N. Liberty St., Baltimore, MD 21201, Phone (410) 767-3100, or

PLAN TO ATTEND SCHOOL FULL-TIME OR PART-TIME: Full-time attendance is defined as 12 credits per semester for undergraduate and 9 credits per semester for graduate students. Part-time attendance is defined as 6 to 11 credits per semester for undergraduates and 6 to 8 credits per semester for graduate students. Enrollment status will be considered when deciding award amounts.

Want to apply?

Download Delegate Angel’s Scholarship Application